Value Proposition-Encapsulation

All-Natural Placenta Encapsulation Provides a Happier & More Comfortable Postpartum

Placenta encapsulation is a modern method of practicing an ancient tradition, providing you with a natural defense against the “baby blues”, made by you, for you and your baby. Restore your amazing body after you give birth with the same essential nutrients that created life!

Imagine having:

  • more energy with fewer hormone swings
  • more milk available for breast feeding
  • less risk of postpartum depression

Women who encapsulate and ingest their placenta report a decrease in postpartum “baby blues”. Consuming your placenta can also help replenish vital hormones, natural opioids, nutrients including proteins, iron, and vitamin B6, and oxytocin, a natural anti-depressant which can help you bond with your new baby. [Name] offers 24/7 pick-up service, with door-to-door delivery of your placenta from your birthing location to her dedicated workspace.

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What is the product or service being sold?

Placenta encapsulation services (Defined: Placenta encapsulation is the practice of ingesting the placenta after it’s been steamed, dehydrated, ground, and placed into gelatin capsules)

What is the benefit of using the product/service?

Lessened risk of postpartum depression, fewer mood swings, replenishing of essential nutrients, natural anti-depressants and opioids, and increased milk supply. Increase in the “baby bonding” hormone oxytocin.

Who is the target customer for this product or service?

High income, pregnant women who are happy to pay for all-natural, personalized placenta encapsulation services from a qualified, experienced professional. The target audience resides in one of the highest income areas of Austin, TX.

What makes the offering different from competitors?

Personalized, high-end boutique quality placenta encapsulation provided by a trained and experienced birth professional who offers 24/7 services. Dedicated encapsulation workspace designed to exceed OSHA standards (many encapsulators use their own kitchen or the client’s kitchen).