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I’ve provided many creative and hard-working professionals with website designs, internet marketing, coaching and consultation services for online business development and more over the last 12+ years. Below is a selection of happy recommendations from prior clients.

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WordPress Website Design & Digital Marketing Clients

Vicky is Executive Director at a TX-based nonprofit and she said: “B rescued us from a recently contracted WordPress site that was not functional due to the inability of a previous developer. She not only got the new site up and running quickly but created a design that is visually attractive and attention-getting across multiple platforms. We expect the website to serve us well in the next stage of our development as a non-profit. Throughout the process B was efficient and professional, responding to my concerns about expressing our identity accurately.  I also have a great deal of confidence in her SEO knowledge and integration, which although very important does not always seem to be a guarantee in working with web developers.”

Mark is a published horror author and he said: “B and her team were incredible to work with. They created my author site and I couldn’t be happier. We held a number of Skype meetings to discuss what I wanted before work started, and calls along the way to keep on track. And they nailed it. Everything came together on time and on budget, and there were even meetings to discuss how to run, change and maintain my site as well as a couple of follow up calls to see how everything was going. I know if I need help, they are still there to support me. As a very happy customer, I wholehearted endorse B and her team.”

Fellow Digital & Tech Talents

Brynn worked with me as an Online Marketing Specialist at an industrial and commercial web design agency.

Brynn said: “B has a rare combination of discipline and creativity. Her background in web design means she knows about the back end of a site, and what it takes to rank well. She is my go-to person for questions about SEO – from code to link building. Along with the impressive technical knowledge, her writing ability is stellar. My favorite aspect of B is her energetic and motivating personality. She captivates her clients with her SEO knowledge, and the results show in traffic and rankings. I’m grateful for my experience working with her!”

Ben and I worked together at a industrial and commercial web design agency (Ben was our Technical & Server Support Manager).

Ben said: “B is an expert in her area and takes pride in providing the best results for her clients. I learned a lot from her, as she is very approachable and generous with advice. B’s writing background is such a bonus. Her communications skills are off the charts. I would work with B again in a heartbeat!”

Designers & Developers Who are Better than I Am at Making Pretty Pictures
(Only the very best for our clients!)

Jennii at SciFi.Guru works with me on very special web and graphic design projects, and is the most talented, trustworthy, and capable graphic designer, illustrator, and WordPress developer and designer I’ve ever worked with. I’ve seen Jennii take WordPress coding issues and design challenges and turn them into something truly unique–websites that are functional and stunning interactive Art.

Jennii said: “B is by far the best internet and SEO professional I have worked with, period. Her attention to detail, care for her clients, and professionalism are top-notch and she is a joy to work with. In every project we have worked on together, B has had the skill to put clients of all levels of technology / internet knowledge at ease with the website development process. Her ability to organize all steps of the process both for clients and the design/development team members is priceless. She is simply masterful at what she does, and while I have worked in this field for over a decade, working with her completely re-energized my passion for design and development. B is a professional in every sense of the word and makes the entire process fun and engaging for everyone involved.”