Publications & WIPs

Web Copywriting

Web Copywriting (Current) — Writing and blogging on multiple topics for small B2C clients, animal and pet health and safety topics, disaster and emergency preparedness.

Web Copywriting  РLaw and Legal (Current)Provide search marketing strategies and content development coaching for lawyers and law firms across the US and in Canada, including creating specific content development recommendations for syndication, blogging objectives, video and press release optimization. I also provide review and editing services for clients writing their own blog posts and web copy and assisted in writing occasional web copy.

Web Copywriting – Industrial/Commercial (2008-2010) — Crafted web content for industrial and commercial B2B and B2C websites. Content included blogs, web copy, social media advertising posts, and paid search ad copy for Google AdWords Pay Per Click advertising.

Nonprofit Grant Writing (2001-2007) — Researched, wrote, and submitted winning grant proposals full-time in support of a MN-based nonprofit high school serving at-risk, immigrant and refugee youth ages 16-21. Grants secured provided funding and in-kind donations for the implementation and management of essential programs and initiatives. I also designed, managed and provided web copywriting for the school’s multilingual nonprofit website.

Works in Progress


WIP: Various works of poetry, dark erotica, and short works of magical realism.

“It was the surrender of the shipwrecked and lost at sea.
Lives wasting away as I floated through the darkness
under a nightly riot of stars,
the comets Molotov cocktails,
whirling towards invisible, inevitable horizons”

[Hearts & Minds]

WIP: “The Serpent Diaries”–Erotic poetry and magical realism

“The source of my fire is no man’s.
But you
unknown and out of reach
are a dangerous accelerant.”